Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are having a good week, now that good weather is finally here!!

I am really excited to take Arian out in this good weather onto some spring and summer adventures!!

Today, I am going to share the story of my son, Arian’s birth my most precious post to date.For the most part I had a normal pregnancy with no morning sickness or issues. In the last month I was struggling to go up and down the stairs due to my belly weight. I was ready to delivery any moment.

I went into labor a day after my expected due date, everything was going normal and my OB-GYN was by my side. I was given the epidural a few hours after getting to the hospital. As the day progressed, my contractions started to get stronger; the doctor’s noticed that the baby’s heart rate started dropping as the contractions kept getting stronger.

The nurses and the doctor rushed into my room, I was asked to turn on my sides and was put on oxygen immediately, things were happening so fast, I had no clue what was going on at this point. It was an extremely stressful and nerve racking experience not knowing what was going on. I am so grateful, my husband and my mom were by my side the whole time.

I was then injected with medication to slow down the contractions temporarily to get the baby’s heart rate back up, which worked. The baby seemed to have to have stabilized but then we were waiting for the contractions to start again; after hours of waiting, the labor had pretty much stalled with no sign of the contractions starting back up.

We were at this point faced with a decision to either go for a C- section or induce the labor again. The doctor decided to try to induce the labor again with a mild form of the medication to induce the labor, but unfortunately that did not work and the heart rate of the baby went back up again, the nurses and the doctors rushed back again to stabilize the heart rate.

The doctor then spoke to us and explained that it had to be C-section which was the best decision for the safety of the baby. Interestingly, during the C-section the doctor’s found out the baby was in a head-down position but was facing in the posterior position where the back of the baby’s head is against the mother’s back which was causing his heart rate to drop as his head kept pushing down when the contractions were stronger.

I am so grateful for an amazing team of doctors and nurses at the Sibley Hospital and a special thanks to my OB-GYN, who helped me deliver my baby.

I am so thankful to God and my family for the love, prayers, and unconditional support. We are blessed with our baby boy Arian!!

I am extremely delighted to introduce Arian to my blogging world. I hope that he is showered with more love and support than I have been given through this blog.

Thank you AMANDA DONOHUE for this lovely photoshoot. We simply adore your creative approach to capturing these baby pictures for Arian.


Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a month since I posted. I am still trying to find my balance now that I am back at my full time job after my maternity leave, after being home with my baby for almost four months, I am facing the biggest transition in my life.

It taking me sometime to get back at being at work full time and leaving my baby with our nanny, and finding the balance of spending quality time with Arian after I get home. I miss the precious moments that I got to spend with my baby during my maternity leave. I really want to thank my company and my managers who have been so supportive throughout this process. It isn’t possible to have this balance without the support from the organization that you work with.

Moving onto today’s post, I start this spring season with one of the most affordable and extremely stylish brands TOBI, love their collection; they truly encapsulate every season and trend extremely well and making it very affordable to have a stylish and on trend wardrobe.

I am currently in the process of losing weight and get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but that doesn’t phase me out from wearing the latest trends. I am currently loving this trend on unique sleeve tops and dresses, I hope it’s here to stay!!

I hope you enjoy this post. I would love to hear from women out there as to how they balanced their work and home life with a newborn.

Have a great week everyone!!




Hello Everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to this new year, I am really loving this relatively warm winter in my neck of the woods this year, hope this trend continues through February.

I am currently getting used to my new role as a mother and working hard on creating a balanced life for me and my family. I have a new found respect and understanding for all mothers out there and especially my own mom. I have learnt so much in the past two months since the birth of my son Arian.

I will have a special post on my birth story at the end of this month and in the months to come introduce my son over on the blog and share my journey through motherhood which includes a detailed post on products that I love and products that I am not really a huge fan of that I ended up buying during my pregnancy.

Today’s outfit post is a throwback to my early pregnancy days, in this outfit I was about 4 and half months pregnant. I love this dress, pregnant or not, I sure love wearing it, love the bell sleeves. Different sleeves details are the latest trend this season, a wardrobe must have this season.






Wooden Wristwatch

Hello everyone, hope all are staying warm in this freezing snowy weather. It has been a big change in my life in the past 4 weeks with my newborn, getting used to the new schedule and making all the necessary adjustments, it’s been a learning curve.

Today’s blog post features a lovely and unique collection of wood watches, a concept I haven’t come across, yet. They have a unique assortment of watches made from different types of woods from bamboo to sandalwood and a great color selection.

My husband, a watch connoisseur, was totally impressed and in love with the concept. Personally, I also tend to collect unique watch pieces as I feel they are more of an accessory to me, and this sandalwood watch is the perfect addition to my watch collection.

And just in time for Valentine’s day I think these would be a perfect gift, a his and her watch set!! They also offer engraving which is perfect for a Valentine’s day gift giving it a personal touch and not just a piece of accessory.

To help you Woodwatches by JORD has a limited-time giveaway for this Valentine’s Day Season.

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Hope you all enjoy this lovely treat and enter this amazing giveaway contest.