Back after a short break, hope you all have been doing well and enjoying the summer!! I have been trying my best to maintain a healthy balance with my full time job and catch up on my blog work and emails for it.

I am so happy I am back today posting one of my favorite dresses this summer, such a simple cut but the satin frill detail at the bottom really adds a lot of character to this simple T-shirt dress. I am in love with it.

An update on my pregnancy, just got done with my 24 week check up. My eating habits are still phase based where I like to eat the same foods like four days in a row at times, not sure if that’s good or bad, my mom gets bored making the same food for me, she is amazed that I keep eating the same thing 4 days in a row, lol. This week has been Italian food so lots of pasta, hehe.

Have a great week everyone!! Hope you like this post!!




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