Hello Everyone,

It’s been two weeks since I posted, extremely sorry about that currently working on balancing my full time work and my blog with the pregnancy.

Pregnancy update: It’s been two weeks sleep has been an issue, being a back sleeper and the recommended position for sleep during pregnancy is to sleep on your left side, which I am currently struggling with. This causes me to be switch between back and side throughout the night resulting in no sleep at night. I finally found a solution where you are allowed to sleep on the back if you are in an inclined position as if you are sleeping on a recliner sofa, I place the pillows accordingly which result in proper blood flow to the baby during the sleep hours.

Mom’s out there if you have any suggestions in regards to the above would love to get everyone’s input and experience.

Moving onto my outfit post for the day, I am still enjoying the flowing dresses, being hot and humid, I feel the most comfortable in these dresses. I am also moving into more fitted options as there are so many cute options out there to give my wardrobe and the audience a variety of options for maternity wear.

Love this easily wearable and extremely stylish dress from the ASOS WHITE collection which I am totally obsessed with!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of warm weather before we move onto to cooler temperatures. Have a great weekend everyone.




  1. Sleeping has been tough for me too! I used to be a stomach sleeper. My doctor suggested Unisom. It’s non-prescription and harmless. It’s helped me some. Such a great dress! Perfect for twirling. 🙂

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

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