Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!! Hope each of you has a splendid start to this holiday season.

Extremely sorry about being MIA for a few weeks, I was having the hardest time balancing my full time job, pregnancy and my blog work. Pregnancy sure takes a toll on your body, as the baby grows in your belly, the biggest challenge I have been faced with is getting adequate sleep and carrying the belly weight as it caused intense swelling on my legs and feet. To lay your feet flat is what helps me manage the swelling.

Me and my husband are thoroughly enjoying creating the baby room, I took some time to create the design and layout for the baby room, once all day, I will be doing a full reveal on the baby room, looking forward to sharing it with my readers.

Today’s outfit post covers my Indian style baby shower, where i was showered with tremendous love and blessings from all our family and family friends who are extremely dear to us. It was a pleasure to have them be a part of this special journey. Thank you all for making this event so memorable.

I wore the traditional Indian sari, love the beautiful color combination of gold and green with beautiful detailing.

Hope you all enjoy the post. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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