Hello All,

Happy Holidays to Everyone!! Hope everyone had a great time celebrating the holidays and spending time with their loved ones.

I have been MIA due to my last stretch of pregnancy, the 9th month of my pregnancy was the hardest for me from not being able to sleep on my sides or back, I have gone without sleep for weeks; counting down the days to my due date. After having a relatively smooth pregnancy, and being active throughout my pregnancy, I did not expect my last month to be so stressful and painful.

I will be talking about my birth story in my next post, I finally delivered a day after my due date on December 11th, 2016.

For today’s outfit post I have collaborated with Pink Blush Maternity Wear, I absolutely fell in love with their collection, love how they have taken maternity wear to the next level giving it a lot of style, versatility and flare offering pregnant women a variety of styles to choose from, which is something very hard to find from my experience in search of stylish maternity wear.

I am wearing one of their lace gowns, absolutely stunning piece love the detail and the fit, perfect for baby shower events, maternity photo shoots and more. You can easily wear this gown even after pregnancy the way it’s cut and stitched, and absolutely loved the fact that they have a wide range of colors to choose from.

Hope you enjoy this post, and definitely check out PinkBlush for stylish maternity wear, you won’t be disappointed.


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