Wooden Wristwatch

Hello everyone, hope all are staying warm in this freezing snowy weather. It has been a big change in my life in the past 4 weeks with my newborn, getting used to the new schedule and making all the necessary adjustments, it’s been a learning curve.

Today’s blog post features a lovely and unique collection of wood watches, a concept I haven’t come across, yet. They have a unique assortment of watches made from different types of woods from bamboo to sandalwood and a great color selection.

My husband, a watch connoisseur, was totally impressed and in love with the concept. Personally, I also tend to collect unique watch pieces as I feel they are more of an accessory to me, and this sandalwood watch is the perfect addition to my watch collection.

And just in time for Valentine’s day I think these would be a perfect gift, a his and her watch set!! They also offer engraving which is perfect for a Valentine’s day gift giving it a personal touch and not just a piece of accessory.

To help you Woodwatches by JORD has a limited-time giveaway for this Valentine’s Day Season.

Retrieve the Wooden Wristwatch Giveaway by this Sunday, January 15th.

Winners of the contest will receive $100 towards their JORD purchase, and all entries will receive $25!

Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 02/28/2017.

Hope you all enjoy this lovely treat and enter this amazing giveaway contest.



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