Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a month since I posted. I am still trying to find my balance now that I am back at my full time job after my maternity leave, after being home with my baby for almost four months, I am facing the biggest transition in my life.

It taking me sometime to get back at being at work full time and leaving my baby with our nanny, and finding the balance of spending quality time with Arian after I get home. I miss the precious moments that I got to spend with my baby during my maternity leave. I really want to thank my company and my managers who have been so supportive throughout this process. It isn’t possible to have this balance without the support from the organization that you work with.

Moving onto today’s post, I start this spring season with one of the most affordable and extremely stylish brands TOBI, love their collection; they truly encapsulate every season and trend extremely well and making it very affordable to have a stylish and on trend wardrobe.

I am currently in the process of losing weight and get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but that doesn’t phase me out from wearing the latest trends. I am currently loving this trend on unique sleeve tops and dresses, I hope it’s here to stay!!

I hope you enjoy this post. I would love to hear from women out there as to how they balanced their work and home life with a newborn.

Have a great week everyone!!




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